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    Leave the process to us. We will streamline the process for you - allowing you to focus on your normal day to day activities. Call us today for a free phone consultation. The fee for the first State Apostille is $185, each additional State Apostille is $95. All fees are due & payable up front. Cost of State Apostilles covers all government fees, processing fees, shipping fees & includes complimentary notarial services (for all documents being Apostilled). NOTE: In some cases, a County Certification may be required before your document can be Apostilled by the state. If a County Certification is required, there will be an additional discounted processing fee of $50 per State Apostille requiring a County Certification. County Certification fee per document not being Apostilled by the state is $125. *Please contact us regarding fees for Federal Apostilles.* Give us a call today. We will ask you a few questions in order to determine your apostille needs. We'll need to know things like: What and how many documents need to be apostilled? Where did the document(s) originate from? What is the Country of destination for the Apostille?
    The short answer is Yes, anyone can order an apostille. Sometimes, apostilles can be complicated. Although anyone can request an Apostille, choosing us to service your Apostille needs will minimize your risk of document rejection & in most cases, expedite the return of your apostilled documents. ​ HAVE QUESTIONS? CALL US TODAY TO GET THE ANSWERS YOU NEED.
    An Apostille is a certificate that authenticates the seals & signatures of public officials on a document for use in another country. ​ STATE APOSTILLES There are state Apostilles & there are Federal Apostilles. Some common documents that a state Apostille may be required for include Diplomas, Transcripts, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Decrees, Copies of Driver License or Passport and other documents issued by a particular state. Please note, some of these documents will need to be Notarized before they can be Apostilled. ​ State Apostilles are only issued by the Secretary of State of the state where the document was originally issued. FEDERAL APOSTILLES Some common documents that a Federal Apostille may be required for include Social Security Letters, FBI Background Checks and other documents issued by the Federal Government. ​ Federal Apostilles are only issued by the Federal Authentications Office in Washington D.C.
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